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Nucleotide chains for genes

by Murdstone
Tags: chains, genes, nucleotide
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Mar20-14, 04:15 PM
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I can find where a gene is usually on a particular chromosome - e.g. Chromosome 1 Mxra8 - but I can not take Mxra8 and find a source for its nucleotide chain. Help here would be appreciated. Would also appreciate if there is any source for the sequence of total bases per chromosome - e.g. the entire nucleotide chain for a chromosome. Would be some long strings but it has to be out there somewhere.
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Mar20-14, 09:59 PM
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A good resource to search for information about genes and gene sequences is the National Center for Biotechnology Information (

For example, here is the NCBI's page for Mxra8:

A link to the genomic and coding sequences can be found near the bottom of the page:

You can access the human genome sequence at NCBI as well:

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