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W+2jets anomaly

by Safinaz
Tags: 2jets, anomaly
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Apr24-14, 10:35 PM
P: 57
Hi all,

In 2011 CDF experiment at Tevatron announced that they had reported W+2jets signal excess for 2 jets
mass range around Mjj ~ 150 GeV but D0 experiment didn't see this signal anomaly using the same criteria.

So have any one an idea or recent reference how this discrepancy had explained ? or did the LHC exp.
gave any other results about this W+2jets excess ..

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Apr25-14, 02:47 AM
P: 93
CDF have published a recent update on this with twice more data and different modelling for multijet events and jet calibration. They find the data to be consistent with the standard model
Apr25-14, 04:51 AM
P: 57
No problem

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