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Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis

by Sastronaut
Tags: oogenesis, spermatogenesis
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May19-14, 04:16 PM
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Hey PF! Have two questions about Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis! In human beings when is oogenesis and spermatogenesis arrested until the onset of puberty? I believe it is at Prophase I and at Primary Spermatocytes, but is this correct? Any input would be great!

Thanks PF!
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May20-14, 12:17 PM
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May20-14, 02:36 PM
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Thank you for your help! Then does spermatogenesis arrest at spermatogonia until the onset of puberty?

May20-14, 04:59 PM
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Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis

i made a mistake in my original post... the 1˚ spermatocyte actually does arrest. i'm not sure when.
May20-14, 09:17 PM
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Is this homework?
May22-14, 05:46 PM
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No big deal Tdod appreciate your help and no it is not; I need to understand the cycle and I don't yet. When I read about it the material only speaks of the arrest occurring at meiosis I it doesn't talk about prophase I
May25-14, 02:40 PM
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spermatocytes never gets arrested.

primary oocytes arrest at diplotene stage of prophaseI till the female reach puberty. (remember oocyte porduction starts at the time of birth in females).
secondary oocytes are also arrested at the metaphaseII stage till the process of fertilisation take place.

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