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Fisherman finds 4000-year old artifact

by Astronuc
Tags: 4000year, artifact, fisherman
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May28-14, 04:10 PM
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Fisherman nets 4,000-year-old pagan figurine

Nikolay Tarasov pulls Bronze Age artifact, carved in bone and said to be worth more than its weight in gold, from Siberian river near the community of Tisul.

Yahoo - The museum director added that Tarasov did not ask for any reward, even though the artifact “is probably worth more than if it was made of gold.”

Tarasov, a Siberian driver who fishes on the side, offered a simple explanation.

“People should see it, and learn the history of their region. It was quite clearly precious for the museums of any country.”
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Greg Bernhardt
T, 10:39 AM
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I don't care what it is worth. It looks creepy and likely is cursed :)
T, 11:33 AM
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Quote Quote by Greg Bernhardt View Post
I don't what it is worth. It looks creepy and likely is cursed :)
I think you have one or more words missing in that post

Also, FYI, Drakkith told me it looks just like you.

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