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Model for free market growth

by LayMuon
Tags: free, growth, market, model
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Jun14-14, 02:39 AM
P: 148
Hi guys, I am not economist, but can anybody tell me whether there is a mathematical model for growth in free market economy without state intervention? Where can I look them up? Thanks.
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Jun17-14, 01:34 AM
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This is kind of temptative, i.e., somewhat-speculative, so you should ignore if someone comes up with something more substantial, but, from what I know, the Austrian school of Economics may give you a lead.
Jun17-14, 08:21 PM
P: 239
Solow-Swan model. Although it doesn't really refer to free markets, the mechanisms which make long-term growth happen are savings, capital accumulation and technological progress, which can happen with no direct government intervention. Of course there has to be a government enforcing the law, trust policies and to facilitate new investment, etc..

Jun22-14, 10:40 AM
P: 78
Model for free market growth

What exactly do you want to model? (Because Tosh suggested a reasonable, simple answer, which for example ignores short term swings)

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