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Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Biology

by bacte2013
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Jun22-14, 10:02 PM
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I am a rising sophomore with double major in a microbiology and a chemistry. I wrote this thread because I need a guidance in the course selection for the upcoming Fall Semester. Is taking both organic chemistry and biochemistry a good idea? I know that the biochemistry is based on the principles of organic chemistry, but I often heard from other students that the biochemistry can be studied without or with organic chemistry simultaneously. I am currently studying the organic chemistry on my own (mainly for my research) by using the textbooks made by Hornback, Clayden, and Wade. Should I take both courses? Also how much weight the general biology carries on the studying of higher biological fields such as microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, etc.?

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Jun22-14, 10:28 PM
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Your best bet would be to look at a course calendar. Normally, required prerequisites are listed. If there is no prerequisite course listed then you're find to take the course. The fact that you're reading ahead of time will be a help to you. If you still have questions, most schools will have an undergraduate academic advisor that you can talk to.

As for the "weight" general biology carries - my first year biology course was really a survey of the various different sub-fields in biology. So it covered the basics in each of the different fields. It's normally a prerequisite for taking anything more advanced in the field.

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