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Hadron Collider Model

by stevep855
Tags: collider, hadron, model
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Jul11-14, 09:41 AM
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Hi guys,

I have the idea of putting together a model collider that fires two smashable objects (eggs or whatever) at each other and show a high speed camera footage of the objects hitting each other - this is all as an analogy of what the hadron collider does at CERN.

Any ideas what I could use to accelerate the objects?

Any alternatives to eggs that I could use?

I've a mind to buy a couple of spring loaded projectile launchers, fit some clear plastic piping to a fish tank or some-such in the middle and fire them simultaneously at each other.

This is aimed at high school students,

your thoughts please...
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Jul13-14, 01:48 AM
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A very simple setup would be a set of model train-tracks with two carts carrying something you want to collide. You can just push them towards each other until splat!

I do think you had a decent idea of piping with two spring loaded launchers. Just set them up to fire simultaneously and BAM!
Jul14-14, 03:39 AM
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It would be fun to use two opposing compressed-air "potato guns". Differing densities of "ammo" could be used and the force easily controlled. I like your idea and I wager your class will love it.

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