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Build a small artificial geyser

by nadabro
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Jul20-14, 06:23 PM
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Just a idea wondering around my brain today.

I live near volcanoes, some have secondary activity (which is used for geothermal exploration), but while the magma is close enough to the surface to create secondary volcanism activity (such has fumaroles), we dont any geyser.

After searching the web i came across this video, which looks like simple to accomplish (security first..)..

1) The output of the borehole is simply water vapor?

2) The reaction should be the cold water in contact with a super heated metal pipe?

3) What soil temperature should i search?

4) Length/width of the pipe and which type of metal the pipe should be to accomplish better results?

Any help/ideas is appreciated.
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Jul20-14, 10:24 PM
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hmmm ok
I would suggest that they way they are manually pouring the water is a bit dangerous
and could lead to some one getting badly burnt

A much better and safer idea would be to have the main pipe say somewhere ~ 4" diameter
and have a smaller 3/4' pipe going down the inside of it for some distance ... say 1/2 to 2/3
the length of the main pipe.
The cold water is then sent down the smaller diam. pipe and comes back up the main one as your geyser
That way you can turn a tap on and off at a safe distance


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