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Temperature and elasticity

by ssj5harsh
Tags: elasticity, temperature
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May22-05, 09:59 AM
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I would like to know the effect of temperature on the elasticity of substances. I have searched on the internet and have not found anything.
My current line of thinking goes thus:
Modulus= Stress/strain

Strain = increase in length / original length

For higher temperature, increase in length would be more, hence strain would be more. Consequently, modulus of elasticity would decrease(Since stress is kept constant). Substances with higher modulus of elasticity are more elastic. Hence increase in temperature should decrease elasticity.

Any help or links on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
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May22-05, 10:22 AM
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In general you are correct. That is why for most materials you will find lower allowable stresses at elevated temperatures (for example pipes and flanges).

You may want to look for creep testing results at elevated temperatures. It may be of some use for you.

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