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Severe Condition (85C/95% or Water Immersion)

by mjjabines
Tags: 85c or 95%, condition, immersion, severe, water
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Aug22-14, 03:35 AM
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Hello All,

I'm currently testing a product for environmental test but i don't know what test do i conduct for this one.

I would like to ask your help if which is more severe environment.

1. Damp Heat Test (85C / 85% R.H)
2. Damp Heat Test (85C / 95% R.H)
3. Water Immersion Test (85C at 1 meter depth)

And may i know why? thank you...
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Aug22-14, 11:57 AM
berkeman's Avatar
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A routine "Accelerated Life Test" (ALT) for electronic products is 85% RH at 85C for 1000 hours, while powered-up and operating. This test finds problems with assembly methods, cleanliness, and "microclimates" (enclosed areas of the assembly where moisture can accumulate and not evaporate). If you have assembly cleanliness issues and enclosed microclimates (like inside potted assemblies), you can get dendritic growth/migration of copper between traces at different voltages, which eventually leads to the traces shorting out or opening.

I'm not familiar with a 95% RH test, nor a submersion test. What kind of product are you testing?
Aug25-14, 07:42 PM
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I'm planning to test WDM optical components quickly at severe environment to see its performance over time.

85% RH at 85C for 1000 hours is a routine test for us but they want a faster results.

Aug25-14, 11:43 PM
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Severe Condition (85C/95% or Water Immersion)
Read the caveat at the bottom of the pdf

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