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Are atoms lopsided in weight

by mcjosep
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Aug25-14, 05:09 PM
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Just curious if we know what the placement of neutrons and protons are within an atom? Is one side heavier, can we determine this from polarity?
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Vanadium 50
Aug25-14, 06:11 PM
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The neutrons and protons are near the middle.
Aug25-14, 06:42 PM
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The neutrons and protons occupy the nucleus, while the electrons form "orbitals" around the nucleus.

Aug25-14, 06:58 PM
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Are atoms lopsided in weight

The placement of neutrons and protons is not fixed within the nucleus. Nucleons move relative to each other inside the nucleus (which is near the middle) much the way electrons orbit the nucleus while remaining inside the atom. There is no definite boundary for either the nucleus or the atom as a whole. There are only locations where you will probably find the particles.

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