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Using MATLAB to implement Cramer's Rule

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May29-05, 01:54 PM
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Hi all, I'm trying to write an m-file which will compute a solution matrix given a coefficient matrix and right hand side vector using cramer's rule.. which is no problem for a specified size matrix.. but is it possible to write an m-file which computes the solution when ANY square coefficient matrix and it's right hand side vector is entered?

I guess you would need some kind of loop... but i'm not sure how to write the code to have matlab substitute the right hand side vector for a different column in the co-efficient matrix for each term...

any suggestions?
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Oct7-09, 06:32 PM
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I am curious about how to do this also...

some ideas would be really helpful.
Oct7-09, 09:53 PM
ApexOfDE's Avatar
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you just need for loop and det function to solve :|

Oct8-09, 06:10 AM
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Using MATLAB to implement Cramer's Rule

here is a row/column selector the rest is looping and det function. r and c is the number of row/column that you cancel of the matrix A, Ac is the result that you get.

function [Ac] = cancelrowcol(A,r,c)
[n,m] = size(A);

% Shortcut to upper left and lower right corner...
if ((r == 1) && (c ==1))
    Ac = sel(A,2:n,2:m);
elseif ((r == n) && (c == m))
    Ac = sel(A,1:n-1,1:m-1);
% Otherwise
     Atemp = vertcat(sel(A,1:(r-1),1:m),sel(A,(r+1):n,1:m));
     Ac = horzcat(sel(Atemp,1:(r-1),1:(c-1)),sel(Atemp,1:(r-1),(c+1:m)));

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