Display a number, on a single 7 segment LED display

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Can someone please help with the following question. Thanks

Develop a program for the Motorola MC68HC11 using the THRSim11 simulator software. The program is to display a number 10 digits long, one digit at a time, on a single 7 segment LED display. Each digit will be ON for 1 second and OFF for 0.5 Seconds. Once all digits have been displayed the program will stop and the display will be OFF.

The program will make use of all CPU internal registers, and will include subroutines for initializing the peripheral registers and the time delays.

Use the following table of information to commence the program.

prb equ $1004 Perpheral Port B
ddrb equ $1006 Data direction register B
prc equ $1003 Peripheral port C
ddrc equ $1007 Data direction register C

org $0000
hexpat fcb $3f,$06 Hex bit patterns for
fcb $5b,$4f displaying digits 0 to 9
fcb $66,$6d
fcb $7d,$07
fcb $7f,$6f
number fcc '0010049631' Student number with EOD marker

org $00a0

The Problem I have is I cant get it to display the student number, I can only get it to display the 1st 2 hexpat numbers, I believe I have to get it to display the student number using the hexpat data. Would someone please show me how this is done, Ive spent hours and hours on this without any luck. Thanks.
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