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Loch Ness's other monster mystery is finally solved

by Ivan Seeking
Tags: loch, monster, mystery, ness, solved
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Ivan Seeking
Jun6-05, 11:49 PM
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THE MYSTERY of what happened to the infamous Loch Ness monster hoaxer has finally been solved.

Frank Searle lived on Loch Ness during the 1970s and became a celebrity when he claimed to be the first person in history to capture real pictures of Nessie.

His most famous photograph, which many likened to a floating tree trunk, brought Searle to the attention of the world's media and produced an adoring fan base. He even inspired a monster-hunter character played by Keith Allen in the 1996 Hollywood film Loch Ness, starring Ted Danson.

However, rumours soon started to emerge that his pictures were a hoax and The Loch Ness Story, a book by the BBC's Nicholas Witchell, labelled them fakes.

After being exposed as a hoaxer, Searle's own life became a mystery when he seemed to disappear without trace in 1983 after leaving Loch Ness.

He went missing shortly after Adrian Shine, of the Drumnadrochit-based Loch Ness Project, was injured in a petrol bomb attack following a war of words with Searle. [continued]
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Jun7-05, 02:28 PM
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I'm sort of sad to hear he's dead, I know he sparked my imagination and wonder for years.

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