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Jun16-05, 06:31 PM
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McNally's Statistical Constant: No set of statistics can be more than 6.25% accurate

This may be represented by the mathematical equation -
S) = A(D) x E(M) x B(J -->N) x I(I <--N)

S) is the ACCURACY of any (SET of STATISTICS)

A(D) is the ACCURACY of the (DATA) from which they were developed

NOTE: DATA is either accurate or it is not, so this factor is always = 50%]
E(M) is the ERROR of the (METHODOLOGY) used to select the data

NOTE: METHODOLOGY is either in error or it is not, so this factor is also always = 50%]
B(J -->N) is the BIAS of the (JERK who conjures the NUMBER)

NOTE: The JERK is either BIASED or he is not, so this factor is also always = 50%]
I(I <--N) is the INTERPRETATION of the (IDIOT who uses the NUMBER)

NOTE: The IDIOT is either fooled by the NUMBER or he is not, so this factor is also always = 50%]

Given the above
S ) = 50% x 50% x 50% x 50% = 6.25%

CONCLUSION: The next time someone spouts statistics to you be sure to question their A(S
S )
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