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Anyone know where I can get a free FE practice exam?

by leright
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Aug10-05, 09:47 PM
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I would like to know if a free copy is available somewhere. I would also be interested in a free PE exam for electrical engineering.

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Aug10-05, 10:22 PM
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can anyone help?
Aug11-05, 06:31 AM
Sci Advisor
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I don't know of any free tests. Just spend the $10-15 and buy one of the many books out there that have practice tests in them.

You can get a copy of the EIT/FE reference that you will receive when you show up:

Aug11-05, 12:20 PM
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Anyone know where I can get a free FE practice exam?

I agree with Fred's position on this. One's department may have some example exams, but I believe it is best to go through the NCEES.
Aug11-05, 02:04 PM
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a while back I remember seeing a link to a pdf file that was an example FE exam. I can't remember where I found it though.

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