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Where can i download the videos of the Feynman lectures?

by MaximumTaco
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Aug12-05, 02:15 AM
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i.e. the Douglas Robb memorial lectures from Auckland University,

They're available streamed here:

But i want to download the files. Can i grab them anywhere?
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Aug15-05, 02:43 PM
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Isnt that like copyright infringement? I dont think physics forum endorses that. Sorry m8
Aug15-05, 03:12 PM
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I don't think there are files associated with those videos.
If you're talking about the Feynman lectures on physics (that's not the same as those memorial lectures), I`m not sure if they caught the lectures on camera. I do know the audio was recorded. If anyone knows whether these where filmed I`m interested to know too.

You can download the entire Feynman lecture's (with audio) here:
I only post this since the site appears responsile and thrustworthy.

EDIT: Actually, Eyebeam contains a link to the homepage of the 'Hungarian assotiation (<- intended) of physics students' which hosts the files.

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