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[god] is light? ..... wth

by vincentm
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Sep5-05, 01:55 AM
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a post from an online friend of mine.
"God is the Light of the heavens and the earth…”
Chapter 24, Verse 35. The Holy Qur’an

That verse is going to be the subject for this topic, based on Einstein’s both general/special relativity theories. As Einstein said, the only thing in this universe that has an absolute value is light. Nobody can exceed the speed of light. In the future, a spaceship can reach 1 speed of light = 300,000 KM/s, but no matter what great discoveries we make in the future the spaceship can't reach 1.1 the speed of light. Of course, this was all proved by Einstein and scientists confirmed this theory. We all know that everything in this universe is relative. Just because we are in a slow motion doesn’t mean that the value of an experiment must be true. We are taking a special case. For example, scientists once did something in the past to confirm Einstein’s relativity theories. What they did was that they put a clock on earth, thus it is positioned in the speed of the rotation of the earth = 1,041 miles per hour. We place another clock on a satellite positioned in the speed of the satellite which is way more than the speed of the rotation of the earth, when they compared these two watches, the clock on earth passed more time than the one on the satellite. Hence, we know that as we become closer to the speed of light time slows, and at the speed of light time stops. Everything in our universe isn’t absolute. Only light is. Why? Because we know that when traveling in the speed of light mass becomes infinite, time stops, and volume is null (v=l*w*h, l=0, v=0) Thus light doesn’t exist in our dimension. It exists somewhere else, and for religious people it exists in our spirit, in our soul.

Now, we come to the main subject for this topic. We all know that light is everywhere anytime, since at the speed of light time is null. Hence light is omnipresent, and it is independent of time. Photons from the Sun traveling at the speed of light, have infinite mass, right? Hence, when photons hit the earth, it should destroy our planet. But, no it doesn’t, why? I certainly don’t know why, it is either incomprehensible or might be discovered in the future. God said in the Qur’an said he is everywhere anytime. Also, we know that light created this universe. We know that earth once was light, that started by sub atomic particles that originated from light. Hence we now know that light is omnificent or omnipotent. Only one factor remains. I truly can’t believe how this universe can stabilize itself, and I think that light is the one. Maybe photons contain commands for the planets. Who knows? It may be proven in the future. Hence light is omniscience.

This is only theoretical prove for light to be God himself. I apologize from God and all religious people if this was wrong.
Just wanted your guy's opinions

i would post an answer to this but i suck at science right now and i'm still learning, i dont wanna be lokked at as if "talking out my *** "
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Ivan Seeking
Sep5-05, 02:27 AM
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Sorry but religious discussions are not allowed.

The "physics" is more than objectionable as well.

That is to say, just about everything stated is incorrect. For example, photons do not have infinite mass. Einstein did not say everything is relative. And not only is the 1.0 and 1.1 C business is absolute nonsense, it is contradicted by the the previous statement that nobody [no object with mass] can meet or exceed the speed of light. And scientists have proven no such thing as is indicated - that we could reach speed C but not 1.1 C. The list goes on and on.

It is complete rubbish.

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