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Sensitivity Plots in MATLAB

by physicsCU
Tags: matlab, plots, sensitivity
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Sep6-05, 08:09 PM
P: 202
I wish to use a for loop i already made and replace a number with a variable defined as a range of numbers, then plot the max of another function that used the function with the new variable.

How would I do this?


x = [0:.5:1]
r = 5*x
t = 3/r

new program:

x = same
n = [0:.25:.5]
r = n*x
t = 3/r

for each value of n, i want to plot the cooresponding t, and plot n vs t
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Sep7-05, 05:04 AM
P: 85
I do not understand what it is you want to do. However your new program does not work. Try
x = [0:.5:1]
n = [0:.25:.5]
r = n.*x
t = 3./r

One of your r's will of course be zero, so you have a small problem with one t. if you want to plot it
Sep7-05, 09:49 PM
P: 202
yes, i know about mtimes

it was simply an example. i guess i want to graph the max t at each x.

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