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Partial Derivative

by dimensionless
Tags: derivative, partial
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Oct5-05, 04:44 PM
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I'm trying to figure out this equation.

{\Psi} = Ae^{-a(bx-ct)^2}

I've expanded this to

{\Psi} = Ae^{-ab^2x^2-abxct-ac^2t^2}

When I try to find the derivative I get this

\left(\newcommand {\pd}[3]{ \frac{ \partial^{#3}{#1} }{ \partial {#2}^{#3} } }

\pd{\Psi}{t}{}\right)_x = (-2ac^2t-abxc)Ae^{-ab^2x^2-abxct-ac^2t^2}

I should get this instead

\left(\newcommand {\pd}[3]{ \frac{ \partial^{#3}{#1} }{ \partial {#2}^{#3} } }

\pd{\Psi}{t}{}\right)_x = (-2abcx-2ac^2t)Ae^{-ab^2x^2-abxct-ac^2t^2}

Can anyone tell me where my error is and how I can fix it?
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Oct5-05, 05:25 PM
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Try again in expanding

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