Integral Average Question

by badtwistoffate
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Oct16-05, 04:37 PM
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A certain city, the temp in degrees Farenheit, t hrs after 9 am was modeled by the function: T(t)=50 + 14 sin (Pi t / 12)
Find avg temp during the period from 9 am to 9 pm.

What i did was take the Int[50 + 14 sin (Pi t / 12),t,0,9]... but this doesnt produce the answer. It says model after 9 am so at 9=0 for a , b = 10 for 9pm?
Any help?
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Oct16-05, 06:39 PM
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shouldnt b be 12 and not 10 since it is 12 hours from 9am - 9pm
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Oct16-05, 06:51 PM
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Set your limits a,b to a = 9 and b = 21 (using 24-hr notation)

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Oct16-05, 09:57 PM
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Integral Average Question

i tried 9 to 21 and it didnt work before...
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Oct16-05, 10:06 PM
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it works from 0 to 12, thanks, dont know why i thought 10 DUH

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