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How is a EM wave produced

by jena
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Oct26-05, 11:41 PM
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My question:

Explain how an electromagnetic wave is produced?

My Answer

A charged particle produces an electric field. the electric field exerts a force charged particles. Positive charges accelerate in the direction of the field and negative charges accelerate in the direction of the field and negative charges acclerate in a direction opposite to the direction of the field.

Also a moving charged particle produces a magnetic field. This field exerts a force on other moving charges. the force on those charges is always perpendicular to the direction of their velocity and therefore only changes the direction of velocity.

Since electromagnetic waves are electric and magnetic field traveling through empty space at the speed of light, then an accelerating charged particle produces an electromagnetic wave.

I know this is a bit lengthy, but is this correct to say or is there a shorter way to explain this

Thank You
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Oct26-05, 11:47 PM
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Try this: "An accelerated charge radiates EM waves."
Oct27-05, 12:28 AM
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"fluxuations in electric and magnetic field produces an electromagnetic wave"

Oct27-05, 01:13 AM
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How is a EM wave produced

An electric field that changes with time produces a magnetic field. A magnetic field that changes with time produces an electric field.

In an electromagnetic wave, the electric field changes in such a way that the induced magnetic field also changes. In fact, the magnetic field changes in such a way that it induces an electric field that also changes. Go back to the beginning of this paragraph and repeat, over and over and over...

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