View Poll Results: What results will the 2006 mid-term elections yield?
House: Democrats gain 1-5 seats 16 29.09%
House: Democrats gain 6-15 seats 19 34.55%
House: Democrats gain 16-30 seats 18 32.73%
House: Republicans gain 1-5 seats 8 14.55%
House: Republicans gain 6-15 seats 5 9.09%
House: Republicans gain 16-30 seats 4 7.27%
Senate: Republicans gain 1-3 seats 9 16.36%
Senate: Republicans gain 4-7 seats 5 9.09%
Senate: Democrats gain 1-3 seats 23 41.82%
Senate: Democrats gain 4-7 seats 18 32.73%
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What will happen in the 2006 mid-term elections?

by wasteofo2
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Nov8-06, 09:24 AM
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P: 11,155 one had the correct answer on the swing in the House! Tut, tut!
Nov8-06, 09:56 AM
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I was being conservative in my estimate.
Nov8-06, 11:45 AM
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Quote Quote by Astronuc
I was being conservative in my estimate.
I got the Senate right, but was conservative about the House because House districts have been gerrymandered in many states, making them safer for incumbents. Of course, when I voted on the poll, Foleygate hadn't occurred - the Republican leadership's head-in-the sand approach when confronted with that slimeball's activities probably played a role in the solid Dem gains in the House.
Nov8-06, 12:09 PM
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Housewise, I might have gone with 10-20, and for the Senate 2-5.

Certainly Foley had an effect, but I really think Iraq is frustrating people, and rightly so. The administration has painted a rosy picture of success and everyone can see that it is not. I wonder of Woodward's book had an influence.

Another interesting race is in Connecticut District 02. Simmons (R) is the incumbent seems to have lost to Courtney (D) by 170 votes - Simmons (121,151) vs Courtney (121,321). I've heard Simmons and he seems pretty moderate.

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