research work

Initiating Research Work

    It has been a while since the last installment…
gas compression

Reversible Vs Irreversible Gas Compression/Expansion Work

Introduction In learning Thermodynamics, one of the difficult…
perbation theory

Causal Perturbation Theory

Relativistic quantum field theory is notorious for the occurrence…

Weak Values Part 2: The Quantum Cheshire Cat Experiment

In a previous Insight, Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where…

Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where They Have Been"

In a previous Insight on retrocausality, I explained an experiment…
negative temperature

Negative absolute temperatures

It's a famous result in thermodynamics that you can't reach absolute…
What is Energy

What is Energy?

What is energy? For some reason, this perfectly legitimate…

LHC Part 3: Protons as Large as a Barn

  See also part 1 and part 2 of the series. The…
earth year

Measuring How Many Days Are in a Year

How many days are there in a year? Ask pretty much anyone and…

Can Gene Editing Eliminate Alzheimer's Disease?

The development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system has made gene editing…

A Brachistochrone Subway Is Not a Cost-effective Idea

It is apparent that a subway tunnel could be built without the…

The Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Experiment

In two previous Insights, I shared Mermin's explanation of…

The Quantum Liar Experiment: An Instantiation of the Mermin Device

In 1981, Mermin published a paper[1], "Bringing home the atomic…

Some Sins in Physics Didactics

Introduction There are many sins in physics didactics. Usually…

LHC Part 2: Commissioning

  Last month, I wrote a FAQ about working at the…
CrispR DNA

Don't Fear the CRISPR: Why New Gene Editing Technologies Won't Lead to Designer Babies

The prospect of designer babies has been a staple of the dystopian…

Abstract Algebra: The Natural Numbers

Using: Anderson-Feil Chapter 1.1 Is zero a natural number? This…

What is a Property Formally

** Hrbacek-Jech Chapter 1.2 Hrbacek and Jech do not go into…