Frequently Made Errors in Probability - Continuous and Discrete Distributions

1. Classifying as discrete, continuous or mixed These statements…

Weak Values Part 2: The Quantum Cheshire Cat Experiment

In a previous Insight, Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where…

Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where They Have Been"

In a previous Insight on retrocausality, I explained an experiment…
negative temperature

Negative absolute temperatures

It's a famous result in thermodynamics that you can't reach absolute…
publishing in journals

Guide to Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals

From Concept to Manuscript You've done the science.  You had…
What is Energy

What is Energy?

What is energy? For some reason, this perfectly legitimate…
alternative careers

Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

    We are still discussing the final year…

Frequently Made Errors - Pseudo and Resultant Forces

  1. Real versus Fictitious Pseudo, or "fictitious",…

LHC Part 3: Protons as Large as a Barn

  See also part 1 and part 2 of the series. The…
physics blogs

Physics Blogs You Need to Be Reading

These are some of the best physics blogs, updated regularly,…

Why Renormalisation Needs a Cutoff

This is a follow on from my paper explaining renormalisation.…
errors springs

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Springs

  1. Springs in Series "A spring of constant ##k_1##…
earth year

Measuring How Many Days Are in a Year

How many days are there in a year? Ask pretty much anyone and…
natural language errors

Frequently Made Errors in Probability - Conditionals in Natural Language

  1. Turning a verbal condition into Algebra An actual…
physics career

The US Graduate School System

    We are still stuck in the discussion…
impact errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Momentum and Impacts

    An impact is an impulse (change of momentum)…
matlab errors

5 Common MATLAB Error Messages and How to Fix Them

In this Insight, I'll go over 5 common MATLAB error messages,…

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Hydrostatics

  1. Archimedes' Principle X "When a body is placed…

Can Gene Editing Eliminate Alzheimer's Disease?

The development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system has made gene editing…
before grad school

What to Expect from Graduate School Before You Get There

  We are still discussing the final year of your…

Conceptual Difficulties in the Roles of Variables

1. Variables and Constants When is a constant not a constant? …

A Partial "Derivation" of Gauss's Law

Gauss's law was formulated by Carl Friedrich Gauss in 1835. It…
physics grad school

Applying for Physics Graduate School

  We have now reached the final year of your undergraduate…

A Brachistochrone Subway Is Not a Cost-effective Idea

It is apparent that a subway tunnel could be built without the…
error handling

Frequently Made Errors in Equation Handling

  1. Algebra versus Arithmetic When numerical values…
physics major

The Life of a Physics Major

  So far, I have covered what I believe a student…
kinematic errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Kinematics

    Kinematics is the subset of dynamics…
medical physics

How to Become a Medical Physicist in 3653 Easy Steps

For many physics students, Medical Physics is that branch…
math preparations

Mathematical Preparations

  Part III: Mathematical Preparations In most…
periodic table

It's Elemental! The Periodic Table Quiz

The periodic table is something we all are made aware of early…
mistakes moments

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Moments

  The term "moment" is used in various ways in Physics…

Renormalisation Made Easy

What Is The Issue With Renormalisation If you have an interest…
electrical wire

Misconceiving Mutual Inductance Coefficients

  A commonly used formula for mutual inductance M between…