Renormalisation Made Easy

What Is The Issue With Renormalisation If you have an interest…
electrical wire

Misconceiving Mutual Inductance Coefficients

  A commonly used formula for mutual inductance M between…

The Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Experiment

In two previous Insights, I shared Mermin's explanation of…

The Quantum Liar Experiment: An Instantiation of the Mermin Device

In 1981, Mermin published a paper[1], "Bringing home the atomic…
surviving college

Surviving the First Year of College

  Part II: Surviving the First Year of College This…

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Friction

  1. Direction of the normal Definition: The normal…
Early Physics Education in High schools

Early Physics Education in High Schools

So You Want to Be a Physicist: 22 Part Guide   Introduction:…

Some Sins in Physics Didactics

Introduction There are many sins in physics didactics. Usually…
differentiable function 2

A Continuous, Nowhere Differentiable Function: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series of articles in which the goal is to…
forces mistakes

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Forces

  Notation: In this page, a circumflex signifies…
Richard Feynman

Think You Know Richard Feynman?

Richard Feynman is one of the most popular and highly regarded…
ADHD studying

How I Overcame Learning Challenges That I Faced Studying STEM

For the past few days, during my summer break, I have been intensively…
2D Animation

Visualizing the 2-D Particle in a Box

The particle in a box is a staple of entry-level Quantum Mechanics classes…

LHC Part 2: Commissioning

  Last month, I wrote a FAQ about working at the…
differentiable function

A Continuous, Nowhere Differentiable Function: Part 1

When studying calculus, we learn that every differentiable function…

Understanding Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Introduction The second law of thermodynamics and the associated…
Einstein Quiz

How Well Do You Know Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous scientist of all…
CrispR DNA

Don't Fear the CRISPR: Why New Gene Editing Technologies Won't Lead to Designer Babies

The prospect of designer babies has been a staple of the dystopian…