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vehicle power

When Vehicle Power Dictates Acceleration

One interesting problem when dealing with a vehicle of a certain…

The What and Why of Circuit Analysis Assumptions

Probably everyone reading this article already has an education…

Why Ohm’s Law Is Not a Law

At first I wanted this title to say “Ohm’s law is not a Law.” …

AC Power Analysis: Cyber Resilience

 Power system security is much too big a topic for…

AC Power Analysis: Network Analysis

 Let me use the terms “power grid” and “network”…

AC Power Analysis: System Basics

 Instantaneous PowerThe formula for power is:…

Administering TCP/IP In Automation or Measurement Networks

The 1990s saw the widespread adoption of network technology on…

Time Synchronization Across Switched Ethernet

Now and then you come across measurement problems that are tightly…

Modulation vs. Beating Confusion

A long time ago I read a paper in the IEEEProceedings recounting…

What Happens When You Flip the Light Switch?

Few people know what happens when a customer does something like…
gas compression

Reversible Vs Irreversible Gas Compression and Expansion Work

Introduction In learning Thermodynamics, one of the difficult…