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Here is the collection of expert science and math articles that span all the sciences and mathematics. Some examples include physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, cosmology and earth sciences. For math we cover algebra to advanced calculus.

physics love

Science for Love or for Money

When I look over the most highly cited papers and my favorite…

Measuring Quantum Entanglement?

Though any pair of particles, given their history, might happen…

Garrett Lisi's Superparticle Bet With Frank Wilczek

There is an interesting story unfolding in particle physics.…

Some Useful Integrals In Quantum Field Theory

In my paper on renormalisation I mentioned what most who have…

Retrocausality: How Fundamental is the Arrow of Time?

In this Insight, I'll discuss a recent experiment ([1]  [2]…
research work

Initiating Research Work As a Physics Major

  It has been a while since the last installment…
gas compression

Reversible Vs Irreversible Gas Compression and Expansion Work

Introduction In learning Thermodynamics, one of the difficult…
perbation theory

Causal Perturbation Theory

Relativistic quantum field theory is notorious for the occurrence…

Weak Values Part 2: The Quantum Cheshire Cat Experiment

In a previous Insight, Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where…

Weak Values Part 1: Asking Photons Where They Have Been

In a previous Insight on retrocausality, I explained an experiment…
negative temperature

Negative absolute temperatures

It's a famous result in thermodynamics that you can't reach absolute…
What is Energy

What is Energy?

What is energy?For some reason, this perfectly legitimate…

LHC Part 3: Protons as Large as a Barn

 See also part 1 and part 2 of the series.The…
earth year

Measuring How Many Days Are in a Year

How many days are there in a year? Ask pretty much anyone and…

Can Gene Editing Eliminate Alzheimer's Disease?

The development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system has made gene editing…

A Brachistochrone Subway Is Not a Cost-effective Idea

It is apparent that a subway tunnel could be built without the…

The Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Experiment

In two previous Insights, I shared Mermin's explanation of…

The Quantum Liar Experiment: An Instantiation of the Mermin Device

In 1981, Mermin published a paper[1], "Bringing home the atomic…

Some Sins in Physics Didactics

Introduction There are many sins in physics didactics. Usually…

LHC Part 2: Commissioning

 Last month, I wrote a FAQ about working at the…
CrispR DNA

Why CRISPR Technologies Won't Lead to Designer Babies

The prospect of designer babies has been a staple of the dystopian…

Is Zero a Natural Number?

Using: Anderson-Feil Chapter 1.1Is zero a natural number?This…

What is a Property Formally

** Hrbacek-Jech Chapter 1.2Hrbacek and Jech do not go into…

The New Bioethics | A 21st Century Overview

It used to be that worrying about the future meant worrying about…

The Fates of Massive Stars

Introduction Deep in the vastness of space, beyond our solar…

Physics in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Civilizations wax and wane but principles of physics remain steadfast.…

5 Pieces of Evidence for Evolution

Evidence for evolution Here's some of the evidence available…

Studio in a Box: Digital Modeling Amplifiers

Musical-recording age Since the dawn of the musical-recording…