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Here contains guides for all the sciences and maths. Guides are broad self help for non technical topics usually dealing with academia or career advice.

artificial intelligence

The Rise of AI in Classrooms, Labs and Industry – Part 3

We asked our PF Advisors “How do you see the rise in A.I. affecting STEM in the lab, classroom, industry and or in everyday society?”. We got so many…
artificial intelligence

The Rise of Artificial intelligence in STEM Labs, Classrooms, and Industry

We asked our PF Advisors "How do you see the rise in A.I. affecting STEM in the lab, classroom, industry and or in everyday society?". We got so many great…
android rooting

An Intro to the Systemless Interface of Rooting Android Phones

What you can learn from this article:What is meant by rooting an Android phone Steps to take before proceeding to root your phone Google’s…
bloatware android phones

Clearing Misconceptions and Some Tips on Debloating Android Phones

What is bloatware? When you unbox your new phone, it comes with Android that is pre-installed by the manufacturer. This is termed as “stock firmware”.…
what if physics questions

How to Avoid Breaking Physics With Your "What If" Question

We get a lot of "what if" questions here on Physics Forums. This article will explore three different types and then some suggestions for students who…
20 year tech predictions

What Technology or Discovery Will Be the Most Revolutionary Within 20 Years?

We asked our advisors "What technology or scientific discovery will be the most revolutionary within the next 20 years?" Here are their responses… Demystifier "Machine…

Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors

Over the years, I've noticed some distinct trends among the physics and chemistry majors I've mentored and worked with.Those with GPAs in the 3.8-4.0…
Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

An Accurate Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

Learning Objectives * Execute a specific experimental procedure to test a specific hypothesis. * Use the Tracker video analysis software for a simple…
Telescope Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Your First Telescope

We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be elusive and is highly dependent on…

What Are Your Favorite Science or Math Blogs?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us what their favorite science or math blog is (other than PF Insights). Here are their responses…  …

What Academic Advice Would You Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us what academic advice would you tell your 18 year old self. Here are their responses…Thanks to all the PF…

What's Your Most Memorable Textbook?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us their most memorable or influential textbook and why. Here are their responses...Thanks to all the PF Advisors…

3 New Years Tips For Cooling Off Debates

 Civil discussion and debate is critical to Physics Forums. But it is also important in everyday life. When arguments get overheated, people may…

The Birth of a Physics Textbook

 It is said that you should accomplish three things in life:Plant a tree. Have a child. Write a book.Out of the three, I have…

10 Math Tips to Save Time and Avoid Mistakes

Exam situations are always situations of stress. It comes with our endeavor to be as good as possible together with our fear to fail. Some students handle…

Getting Started with Solar System Imaging

Some of the most visible objects in the sky are objects within our own solar system: including the Sun, moon, and planets. These objects are generally…

An Introduction to Computer Languages

In this Insights Guide the focus is entirely on types of languages, how they relate to what computers actually do, and how they are used by people. It…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Tripods

 A tripod holds a camera still while the shutter is open, preventing motion blur.  The tripod must be able to maintain this stability in…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: DSLR

 I'm ready for a DSLR!A: These cameras were originally designed for professionals.  Users of these cameras are expected to already understand…

Learn Advanced Astrophotography Tips

 "I’ve tried astrophotography and want to know how to improve."Here’s where I assume you are contemplating purchase of a tracking…

Learn Intermediate Astrophotography Tips

  Level 2: I know how to use a camera, what do I need to know for astrophotography? Image processing methods used to reduce background and noise…

Introduction to Astrophotography for Beginners

 For this Insight series (3 total), my assumption is that either you are using a camera (with an attached lens) or you already know how to…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Bridge Cameras

 I've never owned a camera, but I want to get a 'real' camera (that doesn't cost too much). I've owned an entry-level camera already and…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Compact Point and Shoot

 I've never owned a camera (besides what is in my cell phone and laptop). I want to take pictures at parties and post them online or email…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Introduction

 First, congratulations! Camera technology has advanced to the point where a complete novice, using an entry-level camera right out of the…

So I Am Your Intro Physics Instructor

I posted this elsewhere (on my personal blog), and someone mentioned that maybe it might also be useful here on PF. So I'm reproducing the entire entry…

Reflections on Technology Product Quality

On Hardware Quality It is impossible to test quality into a product. Quality must be designed into the product.The hardware designer is always…

How to Self Study Abstract Algebra

There are three big parts of mathematics: geometry, analysis and algebra. In this insight I will try to give a roadmap towards learning basic abstract…

5 Problems with Self Studying Mathetmatics

For several years already I have been trying to help people who have been self-studying math. I did this completely freely with no compensation for me.…

Resources for High School Physics at Home

A year long high school Physics course is important preparation for all college majors in science, engineering, and medicine, because students in these…

How to Self Study Intermediate Analysis

If you wish to follow this guide, then you should know how to do analysis on ##\mathbb{R}## and ##\mathbb{R}^n##. See my previous insight if you wish to…

How to Self Study Linear Algebra

In this insight I will give a roadmap to learn the basics of linear algebra. Aside from calculus, linear algebra is one of the most applicable subjects…

Resources for High School Math at Home

The popularity of home schooling and failures of the public schools often present the need for parents to teach or supplement college preparatory math…

Am I Cut Out for Mathematics or Sciences?

We often get threads by new members asking whether they are cut out for mathematics/physics/engineering/whatever. For some reason, they have become discouraged…

In High School and Want to Do Advanced Mathematics?

This insight is written for high school students who don't feel very challenged by their high school courses. Or maybe those high school students who want…

Secrets of Successful Science Projects

Abstract Over the past few years, the author and his wife have served as teachers, qualified scientists, mentors, and/or parents on dozens of science…

How to Self Study Geometry: Pure Geometry

Geometry is one of the oldest parts of mathematics. It has been studied and advanced by the greatest minds humankind has to offer. It has been described…

How to Self Study Analysis: Intro to Analysis

This is a sequel to my posts on self-studying mathematics. I have already gave a very detailed road map on how to study high school mathematics and calculus.…

A Guide to Going Back to School For Math or Science

Motivations for creating the series I came to Physics Forums originally to read ZapperZ’s thread about becoming a physicist back in 2013. It was one…

A Guide to Self Study Calculus

  We often get questions here from people self-studying mathematics. One of those questions is what of mathematics should I study and in what…

Dealing with Doubt as a Science Student

Doubt, as odd as this may sound, can actually be essential to our living.  We all make decisions and later have questions on whether we made the right…

The Best Methods to Deal with Procrastination

It's 6:30 in the morning. You've just woken up and you feel so sleepy you think to yourself "A few more minutes can't hurt." And so you drift on to sleep…
physics course

Your Curriculum Vitae As a Physics Graduate

  I am going to backtrack a little bit and talk about writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and what you should focus on in search for…
physics doctoral

How to Get a Postdoctoral Physics Position

  If you intend to pursue an academic/research career, chances are, you will need postdoctoral experience. This is typically a 2…
physics jobs

How to Get a Physics Job!

  In the previous chapter, we have reached the point where you have finished with your thesis defense, and also thesis submission…
thesis defense

Your Physics Thesis Defense Guide

  At this point, you have completed writing your thesis, your adviser has approved of it, and you have distributed it to all the…
doctoral thesis

Writing Your Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you have performed your doctoral research work, maybe even have published (or about to publish) a paper or two,…
oral presentation2

Oral Presentations - Addendum | Physics Career

I'll try not to make a habit out of this, but I believe there's something to add to this chapter of the series.In Part XIV, I mentioned the APS Meetings…
physics journals2

Publishing in a Physics Journal (Addendum)

 When I first wrote this part of the series, I wasn't quite sure if I should include this. for most people submitting to most of the physics…
oral presentation

Oral Presentations As a Physics Major

  I mentioned earlier that there are two ways for physicists to communicate their work. The first is via publications in peer-reviewed…

Writing a Master Degree Thesis As a Physics Major

Your First Scientific Paper Ought to be good! Structure and Contents of a Master Degree Thesis This guide was written some years ago as a guideline for…
physics journals

Publishing in a Physics Journal As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you are well into your Ph.D research work, and depending on what area of physics you are in, you may already start…
lab work

Research Work and The Lab Book As a Physics Major

  Now where were we? Oh yes! You have now started with your actual research work. You and your adviser have agreed on at least the…
advisor research

Choosing a Research Area and an Advisor As a Physics Major

  In the previous part, I described the trials and tribulations of going through the qualifying exam that almost all graduate physics…
grad exam

First years of Graduate School from Being a TA to the Graduate Exams

 You are now entering your first year of graduate school. In terms of academic aspect, you will have a set of required courses that you must…
other majors

Entering Physics Graduate School From Another Major

  I have decided to tackle this issue because it became a very common question in many physics forums. Can someone, without a degree…
publishing in journals

Guide to Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals

From Concept to Manuscript You've done the science.  You had an idea, performed an extensive literature review, designed an experiment, ran the experiment,…
alternative careers

Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

  We are still discussing the final year of your undergraduate education. So far, we have covered what you need to consider if you…
physics blogs

Physics Blogs You Need to Be Reading

These are some of the best physics blogs, updated regularly, written by some of the top minds. The feeds are updated on page refresh, so bookmark this…
physics career

The US Graduate School System For Physics Majors

  We are still stuck in the discussion of your fourth and final year of college. This time, I feel that a clearly explanation of…
matlab errors

5 Common MATLAB Error Messages and How to Fix Them

In this Insight, I'll go over 5 common MATLAB error messages, what they mean, and how to fix them. Hopefully after reading this post you'll find yourself being more…