oral presentation2

Oral Presentations - Addendum

I'll try not to make a habit out of this, but I believe there's…
physics journals2

Publishing in a Physics Journal (Addendum)

  When I first wrote this part of the series, I…
oral presentation

Oral Presentations

    I mentioned earlier that there are two…
physics journals

Publishing in a Physics Journal

    At this stage, you are well into your…
lab work

Research Work and The Lab Book

    Now where were we? Oh yes! You have now…
research work

Initiating Research Work

    It has been a while since the last installment…
advisor research

Choosing a Research Area and an Advisor

    In the previous part, I described the…
alternative careers

Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

    We are still discussing the final year…
medical physics

How to Become a Medical Physicist in 3653 Easy Steps

For many physics students, Medical Physics is that branch…
Early Physics Education in High schools

Early Physics Education in High Schools

So You Want to Be a Physicist: 22 Part Guide   Introduction:…