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Are Prime Numbers Made Up? | Infinite Series | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube

Is math real or simply something made up by mathematicians? You can’t physically touch a number yet using numbers we’re able to build skyscrapers and launch ...

jedishrfu, Feb 12, 2018
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      Tip: if you want to view this short video cut up a sticky
      note to blot out EXTREME ( hand) gesticulation - I
      put on the captions as well. Glad that I did not try to
      watch in full screen. See now if they get back to what
      they started with (subject) in last 2 minutes of video..
    • jedishrfu
      Yes, I guess you could get fixated on her hand gestures. I think they are trained as presenters to use kinesthetics to keep some viewers engaged as there was a theory of learning that posited that students were a combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners and so this was a way to get your message across.

      You should rate the video more on its content and less on her hands as you’ll give others the wrong impression.

      I once taught a programming course where I got a poor review and a cryptic response saying “poor choice for discretionary spending cuts”. I had no idea what the student was referring to. I called him up and discovered it was due to the company’s cost cutting measure of getting rid of the traditional breakfast donuts. Nothing tong with my course or teaching I was done in by no donuts.
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    • Janosh89
      I watched a sister/brother video. I wanted to give that one 3 stars (same
      presenter). You are mistaken , jedishrfu, I rated both on content. I just found
      some of the content on Are Prime Numbers Made Up a bit lazy as though
      all they could do - alright in order to illustrate their philosophical (wrong word?) perspective- was to reference the ratio of the length of circumference
      to the diameter its circle. I will rewatch when I get the results of my MRI- Head scan shortly.
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    Feb 12, 2018
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