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Guinness world record "Human Calculator"

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The "Human Calculator" Faster than a calculator?
I'm having difficulities to believe this is not a scam.. I am certainly aware of the fact that some people are capable of doing this, but I think this is basically an advertisement of that mathematics company to make the naïve parents buy their products.

"I've discovered a revolutionary approach that's gonna change the way kids are (?) in math all around the world"

I am maximally skeptical about this.
His supposedly newfound method talks about how instead of going from 1 to 9, the numbers are 0-9. He then proceeds to tell us how these are all of the numbers in the universe and more, but what he seems most excited about his when he describes how every number can be subtracted by some value to equal 9, but when interrupted by the host, seems to direct the conversation now to the website. To me this seems highly suspicious and really just a means of advertisement for the math website
This seems a lot like the "teach your toddler to read" hugely expensive programs that were based off of a book from the 1970s that cost me $6 on Amazon. It worked. Daughter loved it. Mental math has been out there forever. And, it has some really nice algorithms in it. I wish we taught more of them--not for the math computation but because kids need to know how to build efficient algorithms in computer science.

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