Ray Fischer

Morphing the Torbus Cup

A three dimensional figure, similar to the Klein Bottle. The Torbus Cup is made with two Torbus Rings counter-rotated that are single-sided with one edge morphed, similar to the connecting ends of Mobius Strip, The Torbus Ring is made by folding a Cornu-type geometry.
Interesting! The Klein Bot does not have an edge the "Torbus Cup" is only one surface with one edge.. The Klein bottle is a closed surface with an inside and outside.
So, let me try to get this straight in my head:
And "edge" is what separates an inside surface with an outside surface, like the lip of a wine bottle?
If so, then I can picture a Klein Bottle having no-edge, since one can travel along its one-surface, be inside and out, yet never cross a boundary edge.
Therefore, I can picture the Torbus Cup have one-surface like the Klein Bottle. Yet is the Torbus Cup's one-edge be the circle where the tube enters into the bottle as you have illustrated?
If so, isn't that the same case with the Klein Bottle?

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