The at-home DNA test craze is putting us all at risk

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Investigators have begun solving violent crimes through a new kind of DNA search — one that relies on DNA data from popular at-home DNA tests like 23andMe an...
"putting us all at risk"?
I suppose if we had all murdered, raped, and/or pillaged someone, we would all be at risk.
Not sure what the statistics are on those crimes.
From one reference; "This translates to an average of five deaths by homicide in a population size of 100,000."
It looks like a ratio of 1:20,000
I guess they're at risk.
The possibility for abuse where some detective gets a false positive or misinterprets results and harasses you.

I think the insurance one could be more damaging though where they decide not to insure you because of some potential illness they find in their composite makeup of you.

The recent swatting cases although not DNA based are examples of the police acting on erroneous data. Imagine that they were looking for some individual known to be armed and dangerous who has totally fallen off the grid.

They have found a match in the DNA databases and from that discovered what they believe to be your home. To them your DNA matches in enough places for them to raid your house and you get shot while holding your cell phone (I mean gun) and answering the door.

Or it could be a collection of missteps from bad DNA, to bad map data etc...

The bad mapping data was an issue where a mapping company identified unknown locations in the US as the geographical center of the country of of a state. In one instance a family living on a farm was repeatedly raided by federal authorities believing the GPS coordinates they got for some drug cartel computer were correct and accurate when in fact the family lived at the geographical center of the US.

The mapping company later said they didn't think their data would be used in this manner.

This could happen with the DNA databases as well.

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