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The Map of Physics - YouTube

Everything we know about physics - and a few things we don't - in a simple map. If you are interested in buying a print you can buy it as a poster here: http...

jedishrfu, Mar 30, 2017
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      Electron Spin
      This should be the opener in any beginning physic class. Well done Sir.
    • jedishrfu
      Yes I agree. The fellow behind the channel has also dine one for math which is just as amazing.
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      You are sharp and I have felt affirmative with your presentation. Just wondering! you may talk regarding 'Hologram Science stuffs', to make people feel easy, simple and often sophisticated to create a relation with the subject issue. ariffd
    • newtein
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    • jedishrfu
      @ariffd I didn't create this video, I only posted it here for others to see. Its a great video. Perhaps if you view it on Youtube, you can post your suggestion directly to the video author.
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    Mar 30, 2017
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