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    Schools What's the admitance rate at your local university for math/physics/engineering?

    Average entrance average for Engineering in 2009 in the top Canadian Engineering schools University of Waterloo- 89.2% Univeristy of Toronto- 90.3% Universty of Alberta- 87% Other less reputable schools have averages in high 70ies or low 80ies Link...
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    Testing Testing Methodology

    Most classes that have low averages will 'curve up' Highest performers (relative to the class) usually end up with A's even if they did not score in the 90ies
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    To take off or not to take off

    I admire your thought process that led you into considering taking a term off, Have you considered taking the summer off instead ? that will be exactly what you need, a few months off to do what you want and in case it wasnt a good idea, then no harm done.. Assuming that your normal...
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    Programs Any benefit in double majoring

    I think an extra year for double degree is not too long, considering some people have to do 2 years extra... Anyway if you decide to do only one, its more practical to do it in Computer Science and then minor in maths.
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    Which class should I take next semester?

    I would vote JAVA if your programming knowledge is non-existant.. Because you need to be exposed to some sort of programming at some point, to understand how the computers 'think'... besides it opens a multitude of opportunities, you might fall in love with it and switch majors or decide to...