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    Solve the equation exactly for x

    I'm assuming that the problem asked, as is suggested in the thread title, to give solve for "x" in exact form. If you entered the decimal you found by using a calculator, the program would not recognize this because you entered an approximation. Whenever you are asked to solve for something...
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    Are Californian CC's really that bad?

    Whoever told you that it is more difficult to transfer from a California Community College(CCC) into the UC system is wrong. Transfer students who are transferring from a CCC have higher priority than other applicants, and from what I've heard, UC's tend to prefer not to accept students who...
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    Hello Chain rule!

    Cosine is an even function.
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    Simple Harmonic Motion (F=-kx) - Help!

    Exactly! The spring will always oppose the applied force, in this case being your pulling / pushing the block. While it is true that the problem does not explicitly specify the direction of the stretching, it is implied. If this spring is vertical, presumably with one end of the spring fixed...
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    Simple Harmonic Motion (F=-kx) - Help!

    Consider a spring with one end fixed to a wall and the other end connected to a block. If you were to pull the block in the positive x-direction, in which direction would the spring force act? If you were instead to push the block in the negative x-direction, in which direction would the spring...
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    Drawing Relative Velocity/Triangle Diagrams?

    If you look back at the initial problem statement, it asks for the minimum angle measured from the horizontal, not the vertical. Technically, the second triangle in your image is the correct diagram. However, by using the cosine you are finding the x-component of the 700N force, which is not...
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    Drawing Relative Velocity/Triangle Diagrams?

    Haha... I'm using the PF app and it didn't show up for me... I'm sorry for the confusion.
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    Drawing Relative Velocity/Triangle Diagrams?

    Was the 40 degrees given in the problem statement?
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    Drawing Relative Velocity/Triangle Diagrams?

    Why did you find 540sin(40)? Where did that 40 come from?
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    Spring force problem

    How did you get 65N for your value of k? The units for k are N/m, correct?
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    Electric potential at the center of a insulating sphere

    I'm a bit confused about how you got your limits of integration. Would you mind explaining? What is the final answer to this problem, by the way?
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    Bungee Jumping Spring Constat/Work-Energy

    Start by drawing a free body diagram. This should help you visualize the next step.
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    Bungee Jumping Spring Constat/Work-Energy

    What forces are acting on Astrid as she falls? Specifically, what forces are acting on her just before she rebounds and how are these forces related?
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    Quick inverse question

    If you want to check to see if the inverse function you found is correct, all you need to do is form a composite function of the original function and its inverse. If the composite function of g(x) and g-1(x) is equal to x, then the inverse you found is correct...