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    I Object encapsulation

    But its just a mathematical notation that semantically doesn't really describe anything by itself. Or in other words, just saying ##U = \sum{U_i} = 0## doesn't really mean anything before you give the details of each ##U_i##. It is a bit like saying the the universe follows the variational...
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    Python Understanding Object Type in Python

    In general, "type" to a much wider concept than "class". Put very short you could say "class" corresponds to "custom type", i.e. a type with custom semantics defined by the program as opposed being a built-in type in the language in question with a "fixed" syntax and semantics. In Python3, the...
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    Special Relativity Time Dilation/Length Contraction Problem

    Assuming he is still busy trying to save his infected colleague within that 5 day limit he must have found a way to do at least 0.9999983 c. No wonder we haven't heard from him - I'm not even sure Physics Forum will work at such large Doppler shifts!
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    I Object encapsulation

    If you by "object" refer to a real world extended object with all its physical and mechanical characteristic and behaviors and by "single equation" mean to write that up into a single unified meaningful mathematical form, then in general, no. Different physical aspects of real-world objects are...
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    I Do you have an example of a truly random phenomenon?

    I understood Dales (rhetorical?) question to be about whether or not a (discrete) classical systems allows infinite precise state information or not, or in more practical terms, whether there are finite or infinitely many possible states in an arbitrary small ball around a given reference state?
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    I Changing the RPM of a frictionless spinning wheel in a box

    For the ideal case with no axial friction and, say, a perfectly rigid wheel your experience is correct. To see this you could perhaps ask yourself what mechanical quantity usually is conserved in cases of no friction and see if this helps you conclude something. This will also explain why the...
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    Why are there chips in USB chargers?

    I haven't tracked the USB standards in any details, but I would expect the USB charging specification to include capabilities that requires some digital signal processing in addition to act as a power source. The specs themselves are not freely readable, but this short USB charging overview also...
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    Time-lapse of the future...

    If you are thinking about what the point of the universe is, then apparently the scientists here suggest it could be to allow sufficiently intelligent life an incentive to make a baby universe. Not a bad purpose as purposes come, but as an engineer I foresee this will either require some...
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    Some ideas on interstellar space travel

    I am still inclined to think that if humans ever is to travel to other star systems it is more likely to happen as "seed ships", i.e. slow moving automated ships that transport "embryonic" humans to be "grown" at the destination only if the automation is able to establish a suitable environment...
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Perhaps that is a reference to the fun fact that the ring finger is hard to move on its own when other fingers are fixed at something? At least that is common entertaining "prank" at parties .. well, childrens birthday parties anyway.
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    Knight Rider physics questions

    I had similar thoughts initially, but in the video it is mentioned that IED's often are placed by the enemy in such a way that the vehicles are likely to end up in rivers, adding drowning as a significant fatality risk.
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    Changing folder icon in desktop.ini via python

    For "transparent" handling of the local end-of-line convention when opening a file, text mode, i.e. 'wt' in your case, can be a useful option. In your case the program sounds like its specific for Windows making this less of an issue, but in other cases where the local OS doesn't matter text...
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    Why Fathers Get Gray Hair

    If its any comfort, you are not the only father exposed to a hair de-toning potential from an awesome aviator daughter. For instance, take this young lady currently attempting to fly solo around the globe at record age: With several of her legs being 4-5 hours over...
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    Knight Rider physics questions

    I didn't notice the backwards pointing rockets in the diagram until now, but just assumed the "designers" did the only sensible thing for jumping over an obstacle with rockets, namely to let them point downwards. Duh, forgot we are talking movies. Come to think of it, I recall seing backwards...
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    I Do you have an example of a truly random phenomenon?

    I mentioned lava lamps and my point still stands, namely that the dynamics of a lava lamp is classical deterministic, whereas the Josephson junctions is not. If we want to search for a "truly random classical system" (however vain we kind of all agree such a search will be) we surely are better...