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    B Is it possible to stop a bullet by just using a magnet?

    Yes you can deflect a bullet with a magnet but only if you set the magnet in the path of the bullet and let the bullet strike the magnet.
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    Another Earth-like system near us

    Try "adding" another child (say a two-year-old) to a family with a newborn, a one-year-old and a three-year-old who already have staked out their places in the family dynamics. The tension and desire for attention from the parents creates turmoil. You are making an assumption that a stable solar...
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    Can CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere sublimate into a solid?

    Atmospheric pressure is another factor. Under water at high pressures CO2 could solidify.
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    Can CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere sublimate into a solid?

    A good salesman could sell dry ice in Antarctica to the gullible science types there.
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    B Shower at times gets cold

    Is your furnace/boiler close to the hot water heater? If they are both in the same room, the heat from the furnace/boiler may be also heating the hot water tank or the pipe to the shower may run next to the furnace/boiler and would get extra heating.
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    Courses Are graduate classes worth the cost?

    In String Theory studies, I would say get your undergraduate degree and your job first then take the graduate courses for your advanced degrees. While you are working, accept the night shift so you have time to read and study while you await the next customer for burgers and fries.
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    B Is the Earth the centre of the universe?

    Before we could observe the whole world from outer space, mankind believed themselves to be on a finite continent or island in the universe. Once we realized the shape and size of our planet we could understand that we were not the center of everything. Similarly we can place our world into the...
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    B Is the Earth the centre of the universe?

    Who is doing the observing? If the universe is infinite, we observe equally far in all directions from our fixed point, therefore we are at the center of our observations. But if we are at the edge of a curved space-time continuum, we may not be centered upon the universe that exists. Even an...
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    Will Boiling Water Create Humidity?

    Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air relative to the amount of moisture the air can hold at a given temperature. Hot air can hold more moisture, cold air less. Relative humility is how humble you are at a given temp and humidity level. Some people sweat more and lose their...
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    Boiling water without heat

    Boiling is a phase change, not temperture dependent. The water temperature does not need to change for the water to boil. We live above 9,000 feet and water boils at about 190 degrees F making it difficult to cook vegetables since the water will not increase beyond the boiling point. But if we...
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    Debate with teacher about physics question

    The more you understand the science behind a question, the more difficult it is to answer it . At the high school level this is really a philosophical question asking you to choose whichever answer allows for the most latitude in the definitions of the words in the question.
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    Becoming a Physics Teacher

    The last time I remember having a serious student/teacher conference it involved the parents, the dean, a guidance counsellor, a teacher rep from the NEA, and an administrator while I was almost lost in the crowd. The students have social media sites where they can vent against or rate...
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    News Hillary Clinton Running for President

    It could be worse...Joe Biden is out there.
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    I want to teach "measurement" to grade schoolers

    Do the kids a big favor and get to the metrics ASAP. Have them use meter sticks and metric tape so they naturally think in meters, liters, and grams. All the units are interchangeable and multiples are x 0, x 100, and x 1000. Paper clips and small metal nuts or nails will approximate the units...
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    I want to teach "measurement" to grade schoolers

    Go to the Pi Day sites from 3/14/15 celebrations and there are tons of ideas.