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    Wavelengths and Intesity

    Hi Yes, your calculations seem correct. But let me give you a tip, always do your calculations in SI units. You have the velocity in SI unit, why not change the diameter to SI instead of the other way around? In this case you are alright since frequency is dimensionless. However, in a...
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    What is the minimum pushing force required

    I see... Now I understand the problem and your solution. And now I agree with you and your solution. Sorry for my confusion. Just for clarification: The friction force, FF, is linearly dependent on the applied force,FP (P for Push), on the 16kg-box: FF= u*FP [1] FN=m16*g [2] To...
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    What is the minimum pushing force required

    Hi I might be confused by your nomenclature. I think you might have mixed up Fs and Fn, though it might be me reading the problem or your solution wrong as well. Anyway, here's how I would solve the problem: Known: Mass m1 = 16 kg COF u = 0.38 acc. g = 9.82 m/s2 Find the friction...
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    What is the minimum pushing force required

    Hi It's in the middle of the night for me and I've got high fever but I think you made one single mistake. You should not divide Fs by 0.38 but rather multiply them. Think of it this way. If you divide Fs by the friction coefficient and the friction coefficient --> 0 that would imply the...