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    Can a 19.8 kHz, 1 megawatt VLF tower melt metal?

    Yes of course it such a transmitter can melt metal by induction from the magnetic field. This is very well known process in industry known as induction heating. You can use the process at home for various applications. The frequency is in the correct range to efficiently induce eddy currents...
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    Good at math and physics. Should I become an engineer?

    For many technical jobs in the financial sector they would more prefer a maths degree or electrical engineering degree. If you want to be a design engineer you would know already. You would have built many gadgets and things. Likewise with science, if you were interested in biology you would...
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    Good at math and physics. Should I become an engineer?

    The financial sector would be a very good choice too. There are plenty of maths intensive jobs available.
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    Peak gain and IP3 of a common-emitter amplifier

    It seems like the best bet would be to look in a basic electronics book. Like for example your course book. You kinda like read the thing, follow through some of the worked examples. Sometimes you get stuck and you have to reread a section a few times or check something on the internet. You...
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    Neurons, DNA, Memory and Learning

    The understanding of how the brain does what it does is at the alchemy stage. A proto-science if you like. You can reasonably take the position that each of the 100 billion neurons in the brain can store only about 1 byte. In which case a current computer you could buy for less than $20,000...
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    Isn't space expansion logically required?

    I presume that the OP meant that the state space of the universe is increasing. That is the set of possible configurations everything in universe could potentially be in is increasing. That seems like a reasonable idea.
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    Is it possible to charge photons?

    Cool question though. I liked it.