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    Good book abaut classical mechanics?

    im new here too.. wht wud u say about I E IRODOV for mechanics problems...herd its quite gud...
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    Is the probability that today is monday is 1/7?

    cant think of ne otr answer but yeah d probability wil b 1/7
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    Problem involving a projectile

    ohk now..this one's easy...all one needs 2 understand is that we need 2 compare d distance travelled in vertical direction exactly at d instant wen d ball reaches d goal .post with d height of the horizontal bar... eqn comes to s(y)= 15.89* 35/25.44 - 1/2* 9.8 *(35/25.44)^2
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    A quick SR question

    acc 2 relativity ...yes coz of diff. velocities(speed in this case)