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    PhD Physics student need help on career planning

    Hello, I am a student finishing up my master's degree, and I am in a bit of a dilema regarding what to do next, so I am posting here to see if I can get some input or advice. Basically, I have been offered a PhD position in particle phenomenology (so theory but quite close to LHC physics and...
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    Switching from High Energy Physics to condensed matter theory

    Hello, I am a master student, currently starting a master thesis on plasma astrophysics after a master focused on high energy theory (lots of QFT and particle physics, with some supersymmetry, string theory...). I already have funding to continue my master thesis as a PhD, but I am getting...
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    PhD's in theoretical physics

    Hello everyone, I am a physics master's student in continental europe, and I am starting to look into phd positions in (mostly theoretical) high energy physics. I know this has been discussed quite a few times around here as i browsed a bit around but still, I am wondering which are the best...