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    M- theory

    If i'm not mistaken, Superstring/M-theory is an extension of general relativity. [Broken] extends the methods of differential geometry.
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    Is chemistry useless?

    Chemistry might not be fundamental but it's the most reliable science.
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    Particles approching the speed of light

    I know that is what general relativity predicts. What bothers me is that light on earth does not seem to be effected by gravitation (e.g lasers).
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    Particles approching the speed of light

    Is light really deflected by the Sun? I don't think light is really deflected in a gravitational field.
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    Is science a property of nature or a property of us?

    We have to name all phenomena we sense (both directly and indirectly), otherwise we could not say much of anything. Also we have to distinguish between abstract quantities and absolute quantities (i.e photons are absolute because we sense them).
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    Is GR a wrong apparoach to gravitation?

    What you are saying contradicts [Broken] which assumes the complete physical equivalence of a gravitational field and a corresponding acceleration of the reference system.
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    What does Quantum Physics tell us?

    Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe is governed by particles, their intrinsic properties and interactions. The so-called sea of energy is the most important.
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    Starting with QFT

    Steven Weinberg is all one needs.
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    Laser theory

    Lasers by Anthony E. Siegman is also very good but maybe too general.
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    Is time a thing or human concept?

    If time is quantized by seconds then one second is defined to be exactly 9,192,631,770 cycles of the hyperfine structure transition frequency of caesium-133 atoms. Could time and energy levels be related? I think that the electromagnetic...
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    Is time a thing or human concept?

    SR makes two fundamental assumptions: 1) The speed of light is independent of the motion of the light source or receiver. That is, the speed of light is the same in all reference frames in uniform motion, with respect to the source. 2) Space is isotropic and uniform. The fundamental laws...
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    So will there be a theory of everything before 2200?

    Seems like much of our understanding of nature comes from geometry (differential geometry). This is not so good because nature is only about particles, their intrinsic properties and interactions. Here comes the difficult part. In chemistry for example, no geometry is needed. We know over...
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    Is this crack pottery?

    The article is not completely false. QFT considers the vacuum ground state not to be completely empty, but to consist of a seething mass of virtual particles and fields. This might also be related to the cosmological constant in general relativity.