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    Exam Problem: Rounds per minute into Megabits per second

    You would need to find out how many megabits can be read in one revolution. Then it should be pretty easy, but without that information, I have a feeling this problem is impossible.
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    Atomic E of a girl

    That should be right. Why do you need to know? Are you planning to put the girl through nulcear fission...?
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    Circuit help

    voltage is easy, using loop rule you know that it is equal to the voltage of the battery. Then for the current and equ. resistance, just do what OlderDan said.
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    Big brains LOOK UP this small limit problem

    That graph is correct, it just has a very strange scale so it doesn't accurately portray the shape of the graph. It does show the limit x->0 very well though.
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    Want to move on from XP to Linux, please help

    I have used ubuntu and mandriva (aka Mandrake 2005) and I liked them both. The only reason I'm still using xp is because of compatibility issues with my wireless adapter and games and stuff like that. Once I get to college (this august) and have a direct connection, I'm going to try to switch...
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    Hard math question

    The volume of the large container is 4*volume of oj concentrate you would then divide that by the volume of the glass (-1 cm of height)
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    Mechanical energy of a basketball

    1. Mechanical energy is potential energy + kinetic energy. You need to calculate the mechanical energy before and after the bounce. 2. Work = Change in KE (which = change in ME in this case) W = Fd
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    2 quick chem question

    That's right. It's just all those rules I have crammed into my head tend to get mixed up, especially when its almost 1 in the morning.
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    Partial pressures

    it would be 27x^4=2.5*10^7, you forgot to cube the 3.
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    Ideal Gas Volume Question

    STP stands for standard temperature and pressure. it is 0 degrees C and 1 atm.
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    Equations of Motion Help

    Yes, I definately could have. All it is is a goofy unit conversion problem. One thing I learned from my AP physics class is that you need to keep with it and ask for help if you need it. Once you get the concepts, physics is really cool and a lot of fun. Until then...let's just say i still have...
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    Partial pressures

    for ever x atm of N2 there are 3x atm of H2. So (x)(3x)^3=2.5*10^7
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    Equations of Motion Help

    45 mile/(hr*s) * 1 hr/3600 s = 0.0125 mile/s^2 .0125 mi/s^2 * 1609.344 m/1 mile = 20.1 m/s^2
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    I am going to do a presentation on time-travel tomorrow.

    What about the grandfather paradox? That's a classic.
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    Equations of Motion Help

    I did it and got the correct answer. Well, my calculator did it. You are either using incorrect conversions or doing a conversion wrong. 1 mile = 1609.344 meters 1 hour = 3600 seconds