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    Admissions Sudden Second Thoughts on Applying for Math PhD

    The question I always ask myself is this: what would I do if I applied to every graduate school for math in the country but only got admitted to the school with the absolute worst ranking? Would I still decide to accept the admittance and pursue math? I think asking yourself questions such as...
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    What fields of math progress the most continuously ?

    I'm not an expert by any means since I'm just a senior undergrad taking grad courses and doing research, nor do I have much experience outside of PDE. But it certainly seems that PDE fits the mold for the type of problems that you describe. There are seemingly endless projects to work on, that...
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    Difficulty of abstract algebra in relation to calculus

    No offense, but I think this is probably the worst advice you could possibly give to someone who wants to learn proofs and hopefully move on to high-level mathematics. Cheating? That's beyond ridiculous! It's about doing whatever it takes to understand the material, beyond that is...
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    What to do with undeserved GOOD grades?

    It's not about your abilities. Rather, it's about your level of interest.
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    What to do with undeserved GOOD grades?

    What should you do? Start with shutting the **** up, then move on to counting your blessings ;)
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    Is it too late to get into a top math program?

    This is false. A buddy of mine just got into Berkeley with a quite low GRE score and a GPA in the 3.5-3.75 range. His letters of recommendation and statement of purpose were key. I also know another student who got admitted to Princeton. Surely he had a better profile than my friend who...
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2012 Class Schedules

    Summer: research in partial differential equations Fall: Geometry of curves and surfaces (intro diff geom) linear algebra (graduate) film analysis Spanish for high beginners (maybe French instead) History and culture of native north americans
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    Complex analysis: determine whether a family of functions is a normal family

    Can i just use compactness and be done? (EDIT no i think that's wrong)
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    Complex analysis: determine whether a family of functions is a normal family

    Homework Statement Let F be the set of all analytic functions f that map the open unit disc D(0,1) into the set U = \left\{w=u+iv : -2 < u < 2 \right\} such that f(0)=0. Determine whether or not F is a normal family. Homework Equations DEF'N: A normal family on a domain (i.e. open and...
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    Programs Things math majors should know

    Honestly, I think those are the type of thingsyou just need to figure out what works best for you. I don't see any general trends in my classes, some use pens, some use pencils, some use notepads, some use notebooks...I use blank paper and binders. The only thing I would recommend is either...
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    Are mathematicians born not made?

    This is the pure truth right here. Just because some person is an expert on a topic (any topic) doesn't make he or she an expert on what it takes to become an expert (i think that makes sense). True, he has an IDEA of ONE way to become an expert (his way), but there are many paths to any single...
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    Are mathematicians born not made?

    Textbooks are collections of the most important theorems since the birth of modern mathematics. It's taken ALL OF HUMANITY HUNDREDS OF YEARS to compile these results, yet you expect to be able to prove them all on your own in the amount of time you spend on your studies (i.e. much less than a...
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    Analysis question about continuity and vanishing functions

    Ah yes that makes sense, thanks. Apparently i need to be more careful. There's still something I'm a bit unclear about though. If one says that a function is never zero, does that imply there exists an ε > 0 such that |f| > ε everywhere?
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    Analysis question about continuity and vanishing functions

    I can't seem to wrap my head around this concept, I'm hoping you can help me out. Suppose you have a continuous function defined on some compact subset of the plane, say {0 <= x <= 1, 0 <= y <= 1}. I guess the function could be either real or complex valued, but let's just say it's real so we...
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    Distinguished physics professor busted with kilos in Argentina, possibly framed

    What do you think are the chances the drugs were in fact his? I honestly think they're basically slim-to-none, though it seems he's certainly guilty of lacking common sense no matter how the outcome plays out. Other articles report he claims to have traveled to South America to meet a model he...
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    Distinguished physics professor busted with kilos in Argentina, possibly framed

    It does read like a soap opera, and that seems to be the professor's fault since he decided to make comments about his university and the provost to a news reporter. There are plenty other articles online that are less dramatic, notwithstanding how bizarre this entire story is...
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    Distinguished physics professor busted with kilos in Argentina, possibly framed

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    Programs What difference will dropping a Physics major make?

    Wow old thread, but I understand your dilemma since I'm also still somewhat unsure of my path. I think the issue is that you and I have assumed theoretical physics and mathematical physics are the exact same thing. It's not easy to see the difference, especially because both areas are pretty...
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    Liberal Arts College Physics Student Struggles

    I don't know about Michigan, but I'm pretty sure this is a bad assumption. I'm in the North Carolina system and you can't just switch campuses if you decide you want to go to UNC-Chapel Hill rather than UNC-Greensboro. Also, think of California. I doubt you can just switch into Berkeley or...
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    Preparing for an Analysis Class

    I just want to reiterate micro's point about Rudin because I mostly agree with his view. I I won't say I don't like Rudin at all...Rudin is great book, but you have to realize that it is written in the most concise language possible. It does not EXPLAIN anything. Rudin's value lies in its...
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    Physics advices for a mathematics student

    Taylor, Classical Mechanics; Morin, Intro to Classical Mechanics; Griffiths, Intro to Electrodynamics, etc, etc, etc...
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    Solve the Juggler Problem: Find Vo for Rod to Make Integer Number of Rotations

    Thanks Tim. So I guess it's basically inherent in the definition of center of mass? Yes, that's now obvious in hindsight. Thanks!
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    Solve the Juggler Problem: Find Vo for Rod to Make Integer Number of Rotations

    Hi, bringing up this old thread because I was stuck on the same problem for a little bit, though for a different reason. I understand the derivation as it is, but the thing that held me back was accounting for the torque due to gravity. Is the torque on each infinitesimal rod element canceled...
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    MATLAB Bachelor's Applied Math - Should I buy MATLAB?

    I was under the impression that most schools offer it to their students for free. The school buys an annual license and distributes it to the students and faculty. That's the way it works at my school, which is a very large well-known state school. I would check with the software distribution...
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    Programs Graduate degree in math

    i agree your chances at a decent school are probably very slim as it stands now. however if you truly want to pursue math, you can increase those chances over the next year or two by taking classes and finding a professor to research with.
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    Programs Get master's degree by just taking comp?

    I think a more appropriate place to find your answer is the website of the particular school.
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    Which Math Course Should Take Priority?

    Thanks for all the responses. I think the choice I'm presented with this semester is, if you will, some sort of vague sign that will indicate the direction of my career path, in that choosing algebra will pave the way towards becoming a mathematician, while choosing mechanics will nudge me...
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    Which Math Course Should Take Priority?

    I've taken linear algebra.
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    Which Math Course Should Take Priority?

    Hey all, I'm currently a pure math major, though I'm leaning towards going to grad school for applied math, specifically dynamical systems and climate modeling. This semester, upper division abstract algebra and upper division classical mechanics are only offered in the same time-slot. I know...
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    Current DE Research: Math Physics & Unsolved Areas

    What exactly do you mean by closed-form? Do you mean an algorithm for any 1st order ODE in general?
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    Problem applying divergence theorem to wave equation

    I'm an undergrad doing research in PDE and my adviser gave me some material to read over the holiday. But I'm getting stuck at the beginning where the divergence theorem is applied to a calculation. Maybe somebody can help me? Without getting too detailed about the context of the problem...
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    Help with Michael Spivak's fourth edition calculus book

    Thanks for elaborating Deveno Yep, tell me about it ;) I just finished taking graduate analysis and it was by far the most challenging academic experience of my career.
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    Love of Mathematics: Can Anyone Master It?

    I'm no expert in neither life, neuroscience, nor psychology...nor mathematics for that matter. That said, I agree wholeheartedly with what you've just written. Furthermore, even if your opinions are wrong, they represent a very healthy self-image: simultaneously confident in your intelligence...
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    Help with Michael Spivak's fourth edition calculus book

    Don't worry, these seemingly trivial type problems were also confusing to me not long ago. I imagine many students have similar troubles. The more you are exposed to proof based math the more you will begin to understand what he's asking for. To answer your question, you could approach this...
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    Are jobs in academia really as rare as two-fish says?

    I'm only going to match your level of nit-picky-ness here: How can you assume to know that myself saying I believe something is "obviously not true"? I'm pretty sure it's obviously true that I believe it ! The point being that anyone can pick apart nearly any statement and make it appear...
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    Are jobs in academia really as rare as two-fish says?

    Look, I completely understand your point. But I think you misunderstand people's motives towards academic careers. A pretty general trait of young ambitious students across the board (beyond the obsession with physics/math) is to reach for their dreams, whether it be medical school, law...
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    Do females get admitted more

    I think there's a much better reason why it's a good thing. How could more chicks for nerds NOT be a good thing?
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    Do females get admitted more

    This is kind of off topic, but I don't think lack of a publication over a period of time restricted to a couple handfuls of weeks indicates who was a better participant. I guess yes, technically you were more successful, but success in research requires many things to fall in place...especially...
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    Are jobs in academia really as rare as two-fish says?

    I don't think gaining a professorship hinges on your GPA and where you went to grad school as much as it seems to. Yes, there are more professors coming from the top schools, but how do you know the reason they're good is because they came from a top school? They could've have gone anywhere...
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    Programs Which applied math phd program to apply to?

    Unfortunately, for top-tier schools I think it hurts a lot. I once read a thread concerning admissions at one of the tippy-top schools which discussed that while Berkeley is one of the best, it's still accessible to many students who would have absolutely no chance at other places like Harvard...
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    Develop Intuition in Math: Tips for Seniors

    So wait, you just want to get better at calculations in your head? Because in my opinion, math intuition concerns more conceptual type things. I was going to recommend some competition style problem solving books for better intuition, but that doesn't sound like what you're actually looking for.
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    How to use commas and paragraphs correctly when writing

    Ummm, I'm no grammer nazi but your writing looks relatively fine, and this is just a casual message board. As far as professional letters, the best advice I can give is be as concise as possible. Keep the sentences short. Don't use things like "so" or "be" (like i just did). For instance, when...
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    Programs Will a Math degree be applicable to Physics research?

    And to answer you question about switching over to physics later on, I'd say the only way this would be possible is if you still take a lot of the lab courses at this level.
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    Programs Will a Math degree be applicable to Physics research?

    In my opinion, the short answer is yes with an asterisk. Mathematical physics, and in particular the study of PDE's, is directly related to physical problems. One of mathematics professors in the analysis group at my university has a NSF grant to study energy decay of the wave equation on...
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    Math How marketable is a BS in Applied Mathematics degree?

    Yeah, but that doesn't really reflect as much on the department as it does on that subject in general! That class is plug and chug EVERYWHERE. It's really just the nature of a first course in Diff Eq. The theory behind much of it is just a little too advanced for the flocks of aspiring...
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    Integrability, basic measure theory: seeking help with confusing result

    Yeah, you're absolutely correct. In fact, I now realize I've learned this before, but apparently the idea is so weird to me that I've put the blinders on this time around.
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    Integrability, basic measure theory: seeking help with confusing result

    So for a mostly constant function that takes on a different value on a countable set, the set of discontinuities is not necessarily the same as the set where the function takes on it's different value? If this is true it's probably the most counter-intuitive concept I've come across!
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    Integrability, basic measure theory: seeking help with confusing result

    So that holds even when f is identically zero everywhere except for the rationals? Because it seems in that situation, the discontinuities only occur at rational values, which is a countable set. I definitely see what you're saying if f is identically zero everywhere except for the...
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    Integrability, basic measure theory: seeking help with confusing result

    I also thought there was some confusion of the type which you describe arising from the use of multiple textbooks. However, if I pretend for a minute that the only text in existence is "Elementary Classical Analysis" by Marsden and Hoffman, and I flip to chapter 8 (Integration), I find that...
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    Apostol definition of interior point and open set

    you may be in over your head now, but starting out with this level of rigor will be incredibly amazing for you in the future, assuming you continue in mathematics.