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    Engineering Control - Transfer function

    The correct solution is different than my answer, I am not sure where I am going wrong?
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    Finding the bending moment

    The full question is: For the purpose of analysis, a segment of a crankshaft in a vehicle is presented as shown in Figure Q5. The load P = 1 kN, and the dimensions are b1 = 80 mm, b2 = 120 mm and b3 = 40mm. The diameter of the shaft is d = 20 mm. Determine the maximum tensile, compressive and...
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    Finding the bending moment

    But the correct solution is M= P* (b2+b1). I don't understand how b2+b1 is the perpendicular distance.
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    Sketching the graph of a function

    I have attached the full question as stated in the problem sheet. I am just stuck in the sketching part.
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    Sketching the graph of a function

    I have no idea why my sketch is wrong.
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    Finding equations of motion of multi degree freedom system

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    Question about gear rotation

    If gear 1 fits into the internal gear and is made to rotate, will the internal gear rotate with gear 1?
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    The time for pressure to build up

    From my understanding, the pressure in the cylinder will be at atmospheric pressure at the start.
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    The time for pressure to build up

    Homework Statement The volume and dimensions of the cylinder are given, and the air is supplied to the cylinder at 4 bar at room temperature.Is there a way to find out the time it takes for the air pressure in the cylinder to increase to 4 bar? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...