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    A Quantum Mechanic/wave function/junction condition

    May i know how do i eliminate C and D and how do i obtain the last two equations? Are there skipping of steps in between 4th to 5th equation? What are the intermediate steps that i should take to transit from 4th equation to the 5th equation?
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    Engineering Electrical circuits: when all switches are closed, what is R?

    Homework Statement When both switches 1 and 2 are closed,what is the total resistance of the set up? I couldn't figure out which resistors are connected in parallel and which resistors are actually in series in this set up when both swtiches are closed. I...
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    Potential divider question

    Homework Statement Homework Equations V=IR R=ql/A The Attempt at a Solution I chose option A as current prefers to flow through the path of least resistance.
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    How do i solve this simultaneous equation?

    ive tried,there is a (m+1/2)λ which makes my elimination of m isn't possible(at least for me).. i tried squaring both sides for equation(2) which ends up with a m^2*λ^2 + mλ^2 ...
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    How do i solve this simultaneous equation?

    Lumda λ = 1.42 i tried to make m the subject and substituting Eqn 1 with Eqn 2 but end up getting stucked here everytime..
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    Cat walking on a log floating on water

    here's my attempt: initial centre of mass: {(460*5.5)+(9.0*0)+(7.0*11)/460+9.0+7.0=5.477m final centre of mass: (460*5.5)+(9.0*0)+(7.0*x)/460+9.0+7.0 = (2530+7x)/476 if i try to solve it using conservation of momentum, there is still an unknown- time taken for the cat to complete its journey..
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    A car and a train colliding with each other.

    Homework Statement A car and a train collides with each other in an elastic collision. The mass of the train is much more larger than the mass of the car. Ignore air resistance and friction from the railway tracks and roads. Just before impact the car has a velocity of (V) train has a velocity...
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    Cat walking on a log floating on water

    Homework Statement A dog and a cat, are standing at opposite ends of a uniform log that is floating in a lake. The log is 11.0m long and has mass 460kg . The dog has mass 9.0kg and the cat has mass 7.0kg . Initially the log and the two pets are at rest relative to the shore.The cat then begins...
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    F(f(x))= (x^4)-4(x^2)+2, find f(x).

    ok,i tried this solution let f(x)=a(x^2)+bx+c (a(x^2)+bx+c)*(a(x^2)+bx+c) =(x^4)-4(x^2)+2 comparing the coefficient of x^2 2c+b^2=-4 ---eqn(2) comparing the coefficient of constant, i get a c value of sqrt2 and -sqrt2 which i try to fit into eqn(2) but dosent work out..
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    F(f(x))= (x^4)-4(x^2)+2, find f(x).

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f(f(x))= (x^4)-4(x^2)+2, The Attempt at a Solution [f(x)]^2= (x^4)-4(x^2)+2= [(x-2)^2]-(4x^2)+2 i can't seem to square root (x^4)-4(x^2)+2...
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    Solve x in Terms of c: 3x+cos 2x = c

    Homework Statement 3x+cos 2x = c c is an unknown constant. how do i solve x in terms of c?
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    Finding a relationship for the ball's speed with the following clues.

    Homework Statement A ball rolls around a horizontal circle at height y inside the cone shown below. Find an expression for the ball’s speed in terms of r(radius of cone),x(height of cone),p and g(9.81ms^-2). Homework Statement r(radius of cone),x(height of cone),p and...
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    A ball rolling down a slope

    neglecting friction from the slope and air resistance, what are the possible forces acting on the ball? i can only think of 2: gravitational force by the Earth on the ball. normal force exerted by the slope on the ball. are there any other forces else that i missed out?
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    A 10g mass suspended from a string is immersed into a liquid

    A 10g mass is suspended from a string and immersed in a beaker of liquid(Weight of beaker and liquid = 500g). A boy hold the string with his hand not letting the 10g mass touch the bottom of the beaker. (let upthrust generated by mass be X Newton.) Qn: what would be the reading on the...