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    MATLAB Label Root of Function on Graph - Matlab Help

    Hey guys. Can someone help me with the syntax needed to label the root of a function on a graph, using Matlab? I've used the help function, but I couldn't find anything that was effective. Thanks.
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    So you want to be an EE

    I second this.
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    Schools Should I take College Algebra and then Trig or just skip it and take Precalc?

    I would say that it just depends how comfortable you are with Algebra and trig at your current level of education. My school offers pre-cal and I actually took it before I took College Algebra/Trig(which I am taking right now as a Dual Credit course since there are no other options). I took...
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    Proof that girls are evil

    LoL, my dad teaches Pre-Cal at my high school and he did this proof one day in class after a test. Everyone thought it was funny except for the feminist biology teacher.
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    Materials for physics project

    Hey guys, I looked in the science projects sticky and got a good idea for my physics project due on Friday. He only gave us a week to do it, so it doesn't really have to be all that complex, you basically get an A just for doing one, and the better you present it, the higher the A will be...
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    Not sure what I want to do with my life

    Hey guys, I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life. I'm a senior in High School, and my parents are making me apply to Texas Tech as SOON as applications come out, and I would like to know what I want to major in by then, but that is proving to be quite a problem. I believe I...
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    Schools Do you think the ugrad school I attend for physics is going to hold me back?

    Marlon, He originally had no intentions of being a radiologist, but after he got his PhD, he decided to go to Medical School.
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    Schools Do you think the ugrad school I attend for physics is going to hold me back?

    It all depends on you. My mom works for a Radiologist that went to East Texas State University(Now A&M-Commerce), which is extremely small as well. However, he went on to get a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Johns Hopkins, which is a very respected school. Just do the best you can in your...
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    Ketones for bodybuilding

    I have another question- I've been lifting weights for 2 years now. I get at least 200g of protein a day to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. However, while I was searching for info regarding ketones and neurotoxins and a study was talking about L-phenylalanine being a neurotoxin. One...
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    Ketones for bodybuilding

    Thanks for the help guys. On another forum, someone provided me with this study which really set my mind at ease- Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2004 Mar;70(3):287-92. Related Articles, Links Ketone body synthesis in the brain: possible neuroprotective effects. Guzman M...
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    Ketones for bodybuilding

    Thanks a lot. I've been off the diet for 5 months now. I've got the carbs up to 300g a day, and run 3 miles every other day with 4 weight lifting sessions a week. I'll probly never low carb again since I started going crazy for carbs toward the end. Thanks for the help and I would appreciate...
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    Ketones for bodybuilding

    I know this isn't really a health-type forum, but I guess it would be appropriate since it does have to do w/ physiology which is a branch of biology. I've always been on the heavy side. 2 years ago, I was 250lbs. After 8 months of dieting, I got down to a very lean 170lbs. My weapon of...
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    Challenges of the Course and the Likelihood of Success

    I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but I think it would be better to post this question in here than start a new thread. Is Numerical Analysis the same as Real Analysis?
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    Become a Successful Physics Major Without Math Prowness?

    Thanks a lot guys for the reassurance. I talked to my dad as well. He was a math major in college and tought me last year in Algebra II. He also said I should be able to get all A's(he did and claims I have a better chance than he does). I really appreciate the advise and I'm about 99% sure...
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    Become a Successful Physics Major Without Math Prowness?

    Hello all. Over this past year, I did an independent study of elementary physics(I acquired a physics book from the teacher to look at on my own since I was unable to take the class due to lack of class space). After exhausting that book, I was immediately hooked. I know that if I major in it...