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    Private tutoring - what tools / resources do you use?

    Hi everyone. Looking to get back into offering private tutoring in physics. (Mod note: changed "tuition" to "tutoring" here and in the thread title.) I used to carry a few textbooks with me and my paper notes with lots of printed exam papers for student to try. I am looking to go paperless...
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    Free electron energy transfer

    Thank you guys. I wonder if it seems possible to explain QM situation simply? There is a challenge
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    Free electron energy transfer

    As soon as I posted a reply it seems some previous posts have vanished
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    Free electron energy transfer

    Thank you for the replies and discussion. I feel some of the content is beyond my understanding. I think my first question has been answred - they are both a similar thing. In both situations they still belong to a nucleus. I need help describing how electrons (or a sea of electrons)...
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    Free electron energy transfer

    Hi forum I need to explain the following to pupils of about 17 years of age. 2 questions regarding free electron kinetic energy transfer to copper wire (or resistor) material atoms in an electrical circuit. 1. I am confused as in which situation free electrons in a circuit transfer...
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    Single electron single slit interference

    single electron diffraction through single slit Hi Guys Wondered if you could help me. Say a high energy electron (low wavelength?) is fired through an arrangement of atoms (single slit). How does a single electron hit a detector / screen according to a diffraction pattern? I understand...
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    Please help explain behaviour of squash balls

    Dear forum I have set AS physics (in england) coursework where the students drop squash balls at different temperatures and measure the bounce height. Yes, I know it is mentioned a lot but haven't so far found a good explanation. Their results will show that the higher temperature...
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    From Facilities Management to Finance?

    Hi folks This is my first ever post on this forum so bear with me. I live and work in the UK. So looking for UK answers really. I have a physics degree but no honours :( I have been mostly working as a science technician in schools. Did try a teaching course but left the course early...