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    Length contraction & light

    Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm getting really confused... If I am standing on the Earth and watch a spaceship moving past at say 0.8*c from left to right, I will observe the spaceship to contract in its direction of motion. If a person on the spaceship shines a torch also from...
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    What if light could only travel at 50km/hr?

    If light could only travel at 50km/hr, then this is a maximum speed and hence nothing can travel faster than it. I am guessing that the effects of relativity would become much more noticeable and space travel would be impossible because the escape velocity of the Earth would exceed the speed of...
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    What if light could only travel at 50km/hr?

    Has anyone ever wondered how life would be different if light could only travel at 50km/hr?
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    Can onions damage your eyes?

    Everyone knows onions make you cry :cry: , but do they actually do any damage to your eyes? How can one stop their eyes from getting sore when cutting up these cruel vegetables?
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    Giant list of science fair project ideas

    Anyone looking for ideas for a maths investigation project might like to consider this, which I did when I was in year 8 and won at the national level. It's a problem taken from 'Enigma' in NewScientist (18 January 2003, page 49). "Joe's latest hobby is leatherwork. At the beginning of...
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    More massive objects will fall faster than lighter objects?

    Was it Aristotle who said that more massive objects will fall faster than lighter objects? This leads me to wonder: why didn't he just experiment with this idea to see that he was wrong? :confused:
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    The Constant Speed of Light: Investigating its Properties

    The speed of light in a vacuum is constant. When light passes through a more optically dense medium such as water or air, it travels slower. If you are traveling through a vacuum towards a light source such as a star, you will measure the speed of this light to be 299,792,458 metres per...